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The purpose of this ministry is to ensure that all new membersí are equipped with RLAC etiquette and protocol. It also shares the Pastorís vision for the ministry, the church history, mission and doctrine to new members. Verification of accuracy of new membersí demographic information is also conducted. New members are contacted by committee members 7 Ė 10 days prior to the new memberís class date to confirm attendance. Upon completion of the new memberís class, new members will receive the Right Hand of Fellowship which will be announced.
First Steps: One-on-one Discipleship Ministry
Reaching and Keeping the Harvest
Guided by both the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, First Steps is a one-on-one discipleship program that guides new and renewed believers through the first three months of their Christian walk. Using the First Steps Discipleship Workbook and one-on-one relationships, First Steps allows for greater intimacy and accountability as new believers learn how to love and serve the Lord in a meaningful way; significantly increasing the likelihood that they remain faithful to the Lord and the church. And, once discipled, new disciples can actually disciple others.
This group facilitates well constructed, thorough Biblical discipleship classes designed to mentor others into spiritual maturity and leadership.
The Study Book covers subjects such as Assurance, Freedom, Priorities, The Bible, Prayer, Fellowship, Evangelism, God's will and The Soon Return of Jesus (as well as a review chapter).
New Member Committee